12 thoughts on “Laser Results Before and After

  1. Unfortunately we do not treat dark circles under eyes. We can help with facial skin tightening and sagging skin in any facial area.

  2. Hi, I have an over grown masseter muscle on one side and sagging of the jowls what can be done to help me?

    1. The sagging jowl can usually be reduced substantially. However, the Masseter enlargement is not something that can be helped by our technology.

    1. Hi Vicki. We do fat loss in all body areas . The upper back under the bra line is second only to the stomach as one of the most common area we address. We do laser skin tightening as well.

    1. Mary. Arms and legs have become two of the most frequently addressed areas for Skin Tightening . Stomach and back are always addressed together for symmetry. If you are interested in a consultation to learn how many sessions you would need please call our office 203-424-2224 or click the “Book My Body Comeback” button on any page on our site. Hope to meet you soon.

    1. Hi Jessica. It can eliminate most “belly pooches”. – you can see some of the examples on our before and after page

    2. The laser fat loss results maintained depends on a persons desire to maintain their body. If someone eats more calories then they use from their activity eventually you can gain the fat back.

    3. Hi Jessica. Sorry we missed your question earlier. Yes this eliminates most belly pooches. There are a number of before and after pictures of people who have had that reduced or eliminated. It’s not a permanent fix in that poor diet can cause the fat to return. It is easily maintained with a healthy diet and exercise.

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