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Frequently Asked Questions about Lipo Laser Treatments

Before undergoing any medical procedure — even a safe, non-invasive technique — it’s essential to be informed. The best way to determine if this is the right procedure for you is to schedule a free consultation with Laser Body Renewal.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

How Long Do the Effects of Laser Lipo Last?

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid gaining weight, this type of fat reduction can last indefinitely. Laser Body Renewal is a non-invasive lipo provider and will give you additional advice on how to prevent future weight gains through diet and exercise.

How Quickly Can I See Results?

The gradual fat reduction process begins almost immediately after your first procedure, but you probably won’t see noticeable gains for at least three to four weeks. Most patients see substantial changes in the 4 – 12 week period.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Laser Lipo?

If you’re an adult with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or under and you are seeking an established fat-reduction procedure, contact Laser Body Renewal. If you are unsure of your BMI, Laser Body Renewal does a complimentary digital body scan to determine everyone’s BMI. This scan will reveal the body fat percentages in specific areas of concern as well as overall BMI to determine if laser is an appropriate option.

How Much Do Emerald Laser Treatments Cost?

Packages of treatments are typically between $2900-$6600 depending upon the number of sessions needed and the number of areas being addressed.

Will This Work for Small Amounts of Fat?

Yes. You can target small deposits of fat with laser lipo. In fact, because it can target virtually anywhere on the body, it’s an excellent way to get rid of small fat deposits in hard-to-exercise spots, like the neck, chin, knees, etc.

How Close Together Can I Schedule Appointments?

For optimal results, treatments should be separated by approximately 3-5 days. This will allow time for the lipids to drain from the cells.

Safe, Effective, and Fast Laser Fat Treatment

If you’re seeking a safe, non-invasive process to reduce fat deposits nearly anywhere on your body, Laser Lipo with Emerald Laser is the pinnacle in body contouring technology and exclusively offered by Laser Body Renewal in this area.