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Low-level lasers are used for cosmetic laser body contouring, laser fat reduction and laser skin tightening. They work by first heating up then breaking open the subcutaneous fat cells you desire to eliminate. After the fat cells are broken open and drained into the interstitial space, the liquified content from the fat is slowly absorbed into the blood stream, drained via the lymphatics, metabolized by the liver and kidneys then eliminated from your body through urine and stool.

It is a safe, non-invasive, and painless procedure. A qualified laser fat loss specialist will customize a session plan for you. If you’d like to learn more, contact Laser Body Renewal for more information. Laser fat loss and skin tightening sessions make your body and skin look more youthful helping you fit better in your clothes and realize the confidence that comes from looking your best.

Laser Body Renewal offers a Non-Invasive treatment that does not involve surgery or post surgical downtime. Some patients experience brief mild some swelling following the procedure, but they can still return to work, go to school, or engage in normal daily activities. Most people need multiple one hour sessions to realize their desired results.

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Modern laser treatments for fat loss and painless. Laser treatments use low-level lasers to target fat cells, allowing the process to be as comfortable as an hour spent at the beach in the direct sun (but without any burning effect on skin). 

Laser fat loss treatment reduces your body’s circumference, can help reduce weight and improve body composition aka: Body Mass Index (BMI). Despite the claims of some critics, laser fat loss treatment is considered effective by doctors and patients alike. The procedure can be used for body contouring, fat reduction and skin tightening. Start with a free consultation with our doctor today!

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