What to Expect at Your FREE Laser Body Renewal Consultation?



We start with a conversation about your specific health and beauty goals as well as a health history screening.  Everyone starts their journey from a different place.  Each of us has a unique health history, challenges to overcome, body areas we wish to prioritize, and expectations of what we hope to achieve.

Step 2:  SCAN and MEASURE

Laser Body Renewal utilizes modern digital body composition scanning technology to 3D image your body accurately and reproducibly.  We measure all the areas you wish to address (see video below).  Our body composition scanner accurately determines your BMI (body mass Index) and the scan measurements serve as the basis of our session recommendations to you.


Based on your specific goals and your body composition measurements, we will advise if we can help you.  If appropriate we’ll recommend an Emerald Laser session regiment to achieve your goals and discuss complimentary eating and nutritional strategies to maximize your results.


Sample Scans:  Before and After

Profile:  22 Year Old Obese Female
Areas Treated: Chest, Stomach/Core, Thighs
Sessions:  10 sessions
Sample Scan - 10 Sessions


Profile:  63 Year Old Athletic Female
Areas Treated: Stomach/Core and Thighs
Sessions:  8 sessions


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