Learn How Laser Fat Loss Works? (7:10 Min)

Doctor Jason M. Lord – Chief Clinical Officer

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A transformative leap ahead in fat loss technology took place in July 2022 when the United States Food and Drug Administration approved for public use the next generation in laser technology specifically for Fat Loss and Skin Tightening.

The newest technology’s approach to fat loss takes a page right out of our natural body’s metabolic playbook.  It naturally and nondestructively uses a sophisticated spectrum of green laser light to gently puncture then drain fat cells from our bodies. It brilliantly mimics our body’s natural fat puncture then drain process (called lipolysis) rather than using fat cell-killing cold, heat, R/F, ultrasound, or other energy-based approaches.  The result is a discrete, healthier, and more sustainable fat loss.  Fat Loss continues for up to three to five days after each session as our bodies eliminate the fat debris.  Fat loss happens at the pace your body can healthily manage to eliminate it and most importantly sustain the loss.

This is a dramatic improvement over traditional laser induced lipolysis.  The new approach is also improved in so far as the laser’s energy is not limited to a single pinpoint or its scanning pinpoint like that of traditional laser. Instead we use non-coherent laser light that can now deliver 150 diodes safely (7.8 times more energy) than traditional lasers.

The Bottom Line Result:

  • Lipolysis without equal when compared to traditional cold laser body sculpting
  • true masterpiece of bio-modulation where your body works  in coordination with our laser to facilitate the best outcome for you
  • There are NO adverse outcomes  with asymmetrical or “lumpy” appearances